Benefits of yoga in health

We live in a hasty society, in which a state of continuous tension predominates , to which we can add a sense of stress and speed. That’s why it’s interesting to know the benefits of yoga, a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that can help us reduce this feeling of discomfort.

We need to relax, let go of this time of hyperactivity and listen to ourselves , to our self. In this way, we will discover what we really need, what our body asks of us and what our soul asks of us.

Otherwise, this way of life will lead to suffering and suffer any of the existing psychological and physical disorders. A Chinese proverb already said: Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.

What is health?

First of all, to know the relationship between the discipline of yoga and health, it is convenient to know how health is defined worldwide , so we will use the definition provided by the WHO:

Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, with the ability to function, and not only the absence of diseases or illnesses.”

As we can see, health is more than the absence of disease , it requires well-being at different levels, since we are biopsychosocial beings. Thus, not only will the physical sphere be important, but also the psychological and social sphere have much to say regarding our health. Hence, that yoga is used to encourage it.

What is yoga?

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means “to bind together” , interpreted as the act of uniting, joining. This discipline has been practiced since ancient times, evolving to the present.

Its origin can be found in India, although western culture has begun to show some interest in it. Yoga provides keys, prescriptions, methods and techniques for the integral well-being and evolution of consciousness.

Thus, we can say that through both physical and mental exercises, yoga is a practice that helps us change the way we perceive the world around us and our way of life , opening us a range of extraordinary possibilities. Since this discipline covers so many physical aspects as mental and spiritual, allowing us to develop knowledge about ourselves.

Actually yoga presents different classes or categories, all of them having among their objectives, to provide good health as well as to allow the person who practices it to develop spiritually, thus knowing its internal potential. That is, through their practice and commitment we can achieve a mind-body balance in our body . In addition, yoga can be practiced by anyone.

Benefits of yoga

Yoga will teach us to recover the most real of ourselves and to connect with our angles of stillness, even in the general restlessness or social disorder in which we are partakers, thus reaching inner peace.

A regular practice of this discipline will strengthen us , toning each part of our body. Yoga will help us to develop our capacity for resistance and flexibility, allowing us to properly conduct our energy, multiplying our power of concentration and relaxation .

The techniques that are carried out in the practice of this discipline, serve to calm our nervous system , helping us to stay alert, receptive and healthy. They allow us to get rid of our negative thoughts , focusing on the experience of our present.