Healthy secrets to stay in shape

Without a doubt, being slim and fit is not only important from an aesthetic point of view, but fundamentally, from health. Maintaining a healthy weight that is commensurate with sex and height is the best way to prevent illness and feel active and healthy.

Plan the menu

This step is essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. Planning the menu also involves making purchases, that’s where everything starts. Since you think about the menu, you buy everything you need to prepare the meal of the week and this prevents you from eating or preparing food with lots of calories, excess fat, etc., in short unhealthy and fattening foods. In this sense breakfast is key, take time to have a balanced breakfast that includes healthy fats, lean proteins and unprocessed carbohydrates, helps to reactivate the metabolism and brings a lot of energy to face the day.

Eat between meals when you are hungry

It is not effective if you are trying to lose weight, skip meals or put up with hunger, since this is definitely a small binge when you can no longer bear the urge to eat something. Therefore, the ideal is to always have healthy snacks that have low fat and caloric content but are also nutritious, for example: Fruit, low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese, light cereal bars, etc.

Control the calories consumed

It is basic for a weight loss plan. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, you will need to calculate how many calories you should eat daily, and depending on this, you have to distribute them in the 4 daily meals.

The permissions of the diets

The vast majority of weight loss diets have a free day in which the person can eat what they want. It is important to stay on the path of living a healthy life and be in shape, take that permission and enjoy it being fully aware of it, to not be tempted beyond the allowed and move forward with the plan.

Perform daily exercise

Exercise is fundamental in any weight loss plan and in the life of any healthy person. For those who are not used to physical activity or who dislike sports, it can be a bit difficult. The important thing is to find an activity that is pleasurable, no matter what it is (dance, boxing, swimming, running, yoga, Pilates , etc.), something that is not done by obligation but for pleasure. Then that one finds the activity that he likes; He finds in the exercise a space of liberation, which makes him feel good, with more energy, in addition to improving his figure.