Tips for fitness

The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is to exercise regularly and have good eating habits. Some people believe that exercising and following good eating habits requires a lot of effort and planning but this is not true. In fact, the best way to modify everyday habits is by making small changes that will gradually become part of our daily routine.

We all know what it means to make changes in our daily lives that are now firmly established in our lifestyle – for example, we have all learned to brush our teeth and are used to doing it several times each day. Here is the information you need so that other healthy changes are just as easy for you.

Regular exercise

Teens must do 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Look at the word “activity”: as long as you make your body move, it does not necessarily mean that you have to do complicated exercises or go to the gym daily. The important thing is that every week you do activity in a balanced way, including aerobic, strength or muscle building exercises and flexibility. It turns exercise into a habit by programming every day some kind of physical activity.

The days you have soccer training or aerobics class may not be difficult for you to exercise for an hour or more. But most of us are very busy and 60 minutes of daily physical activity can seem like a long time. The good news is that you can divide those 60 minutes into shorter periods of physical activity distributed throughout the day.

Just as you take a healthy snack to kill the worm, “exercise snacks” can help you keep your energy level high. For example, get up 15 minutes early and do several stretches or yoga exercises. Go at a good pace or do a little jogging at lunchtime. And do the same when you leave your school – or go home by bike or on foot. If you add this up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, gym classes and walks between classes, you will probably reach 60 minutes of daily physical exercise.